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Dog Walking

"I don’t just do what it says on the tin! I offer your dog so much more.


Your dog will receive the greatest care and attention from Harris Hounds. As a former Royal Marine I am not phased by all the wonderful mixes of dogs; from boisterous to shy, or excitable to ones that just likes a bit of a plod.


Our initial meeting will take place art our enclosed paddock in Down Thomas so that I can get the measure of your dog. If they enjoy socialising with other dogs and racing along a beach, that’s what they can have; an outlet to let off all that excess energy meaning that they are calm and happy when they get home.


If they are older, maybe quieter and are happier without canine company then that’s what they can experience here at Harris Hounds. After all, even dogs with lower energy levels require walkies for well being.


I love nothing more than being in the great outdoors too - so walks are always varied allowing your dog to develop their physical fitness and social skills. They get all they need; an affectionate hello, a long enjoyable run, a good sniff around to stimulate their senses, a towel dry, fresh water and food.


I can also visit dogs who don't need a walk but just need some company. Whether it includes some playtime, cuddle time, outside time or just food time, I am happy to cover all bases!

To ensure the safety of your dog and other walkers, I do not walk more than six dogs outside of our paddock at any one time and only when I know and trust them completely. This is in the best interest of everyone involved and also ensures that our adventures are enjoyed by human and dog alike!"


Group Walks

If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs then this service is perfect for your pet.  On a group walk I only walk a maximum of 4 dogs to ensure your dog still gets all the attention they need but they are able to socialise with other dogs. 


The length of walk may vary but can be tailored to suit you and your dogs needs, it can be on or off the lead, the choice is yours!


On return home your dog will be towel dried, muddy paws cleaned, fresh water topped up and settled into their bed for a snooze

60 minutes • From £15

From £10.50 additional charge for a dog from the same household.

Off Lead Club

Our secure and private Paddock Walks offer a great opportunity for any dog to have space to enjoy and explore their surroundings without the expectation of walking a structured route, while being able to interact (or choosing not to interact!) with other dogs and us. They are especially good for dogs with poor recall, puppies and elderly dogs. 


Dogs benefit from being able to….

  • Run and play together safely under supervision

  • Practice recall skills  

  • Practice socialisation skills

  • Progress to joining Harris Hounds group walk

  • Enjoy enrichment from a variety of dog friendly features

  • Explore a large area securely at their own pace

  • Form bonds and friendships with other regular attendees. 

We run these sessions several times a week in a large square paddock, which is enclosed with purpose built fencing and double gated entrance. 

60 minutes • From £15

Commando Dartmoor Adventure

Is your Dog Commando fit? If the answer is yes then this is for you! 

After spending 13 years of my life in the Countries Elite Royal Marine Commando's, being put through my paces on a daily basis, I thought it was only right that this was replicated in my civilian life!

On selected Saturdays I take 4 dogs on a Commando Dartmoor Adventure, we cover approx 8 miles of arduous terrain, including woodland, bogs, rocky outcrops and torrs, through the fantastic Dartmoor National Park.

This is an exciting, stimulating, social and above all else enjoyable day for your dog. But they need to be up to the challenge! I only take a limited number so the pack needs to work well together and be comprised of fit and robust dogs.

If you would like your dog to have an amazing day out enjoying an all round experience then please get in touch. These days are very popular, so much so that they aren't usually advertised! I hold a list of dogs that would like to come along and the days usually fill up from that. If you'd like to be added then just get in touch!

4 Hours • From £30

Home Visits

For younger pups, older dogs or if you are going to be away from home longer than expected.


If you have to stay late at the office or cant get away at lunchtime, we can pop in for a half hour visit to break up your dogs day, and ensure that he/she has a comfort break, sees a friendly face and enjoys some playtime.


This Service includes:


  • Feed and check water

  • Let your dog out into the garden

  • Clean up as necessary

  • Administer any medication

  • Exercise/play/train with your dog

30 minutes • £15

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is through Social Media, we are very active on Facebook especially, check out our pages below and drop us a message...

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