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Dog Grooming

Ask Me Anything About Grooming 

What Do You Want to Know?

We offer everything from a full groom to a nail trim, plus special treatments for Puppies and individual needs. Moire details can be found on the main grooming page.

Can I cancel?

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for a cancellation except in the case of an emergency. The salon is run on a one to one basis, so in the case of a last minute cancellation I don’t have another dog waiting around in a crate that I can start working on. Instead that working and earning time is lost. As a small business this is hugely detrimental. 

What are your prices?

All prices are dependant on your dogs breed, coat and needs. Theres a rough idea of prices on our main Grooming page  but its always best to get in touch for a more accurate price.

How long does a groom take?

A groom can take anything from one to three hours depending on thigh breed and what they are having done. We will advise a pick up time when you drop your dog off, and we take a contact number in case it changes.

Where is your salon?

Our salon is attached to our home in Hooe, Plymstock, Plymouth

What are your opening hours? 

We work by appointment only, so are happy to schedule your appointment in for whenever suits you including evenings and weekends. However we usually offer appointments Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm.

What if my dog is nervous?

If your dog is nervous or had previous bad experiences then that's no problem. Just let us know and we can discuss the best course of action to help your dog feel reassured and have a successful groom.

What if my dogs coat is out of control or matted?

If your dogs coat is in a bad condition then thats not a problem, we can and want to help. We will discuss the best course of action with you, and can offer advice on how to look after your dogs coat in the future. 

How do I book my dog in for a groom?

Just get in touch via email, telephone or social media. If you can let us know your dogs breed and days/times that work best for an appointment for you that would be great. 

What if something goes wrong?

If we haven't met your dog before then we ask a few questions so we know if there's anything that they may not react well to. We also make sure we have contact details for you in case we need to get in touch. For example your dog may be scared of the bath, so we may call to get your permission to skip this step of the groom. Generally the worse that can happen is a nick to the ear or a slightly too short nail trim. However grooming involves scissors, electrical equipment, water, potentially slippery surfaces and animals which can be unpredictable - so it can be hazardous! We have insurance in place to cover this and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure your dogs safety and the safety of the groomer. 

Can you cancel?

In certain circumstances we may need to rearrange your appointment, we aim to give you as much notice of this as possible, however given that this would likely be because of illness or an emergency then cancellations may be at short notice.

What if i am late?

We only have one dog in the salon at a time so if you are late then it means we may have to postpone other appointments. If you are later than 15 minutes for drop off then your groom may have to be cancelled but will still chargeable. If you are late for the agreed pick up time then you may be charged a minimum of £5 per 15 minutes.

What services do you offer?

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