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Natural Treat Subscription Boxes

Delivered to your Dog every Month

Varied and interesting treats are a huge part of our Dogs enrichment and lives. But it can be hard to find different goodies for them that are not only really tasty, but also not full of nasties.

Thats why we have created our Natural Treat Subscription Boxes!

Every month you will receive a range of hand picked snacks and chews that are totally free of chemical preservatives, colouring and additives. 

Often treats and chews are designed to look appealing to us owners, rather than considering your Dogs health and wellbeing. Our 100% natural boxes are designed to appeal to your heart rather than your eyes! Firstly, they  are perfect for both physical and mental enrichment. Secondly, they provide single based proteins which can have a positive effect on your Dogs health. Thirdly, the box of fur and feet that arrives though your door is completely as nature intended, with all of the benefits that brings.

It might not look pretty, but the look of pure joy on your Dogs face, and the knowledge of all the goodness you are providing him, will definitely pull on those heart strings! 

Check out our Small, Medium and Large Subscription Boxes below....

Cute Happy Dog
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