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Why you need Harris Hounds in your life!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Many of you out there may think that having a dog walker is either a luxury or only a service you need if you work 9 to 5 and your poor pooch is stuck at home all alone (trying to avoid the temptation of eating your sofa and soft furnishings).  Well this blog is here to prove otherwise! 

There are many benefits of having a dog walker, not only for your dog but for you and your family as well!

  • Stimulation and social skills – like children and indeed adults, dogs also require mental stimulation throughout the day!  Just like we all need a break away from the desk, so too does your dog.  A walk provides them with the opportunity to get out into the fresh air, smell, see and hear new and different sounds to that of their home.  Aside from the physical benefits, it activates their brain and also provides them with the valuable opportunity to meet other dogs and people.  Think back to lockdown, how did you feel stuck in the house unable to meet anyone else??  Mind numbing, am I right??

  • Physical wellbeing and Health – again just like we humans, animals need their daily exercise to stay healthy.  Regular exercise will help to prevent various health issues for your dog, such as, obesity, which can in turn cause numerous other problems such as, joint pain, diabetes, bladder and bowel issues (from holding in wees and poos too long).  A healthy puppy is a happy puppy!

  • Time – now that most of us are working from home we have had to adapt to multitasking many many things!!  Office work, home schooling, house work, cooking, entertaining the children and the dog.  Envisage a scenario for me if you will…..  The office phone is ringing, the emails are flooding in, you child is tugging at your elbow saying they don’t understand this maths equation, Fido is barking and whining cause he wants a walk or a poo or someone to just throw his ball, then the doorbell goes!  Have you pulled your hair out yet??  So imagine the relief of at least knowing that walking the dog is one less thing you have to do today – that’s where we come in, let Harris Hounds walk your pup for you and help you reduce, even just a little bit, the amount of things you have to juggle in one day!

  • Behaviour – boredom can have a lot to answer for…  Many dog owners fear that their pup’s destructive behaviour is all down to discipline, lack of training or the dreaded separation anxiety.  However this may not always be the case!  Many poochies chew and cause damage purely out of boredom and frustration!  More often than not your dog thinks…’well if no one is going to play with me; one shall just have to entertain oneself!  Now where are mummy’s favourite shoes, I feel like a good old chew!’

  • Routines – can help reduce anxiety, if your dog’s day is always unpredictable then this can lead to higher stress levels.  Dogs can be like children and they prefer predictability.  Routines can also help with house training, if they know they go for a walk at a certain time then they begin to realise this gives them the opportunity to go to the toilet.  And finally a routine can also help with training, after all the key is consistency.  So something as simple as having a dog walker booked to come every day at a certain time can go a long way to creating a positive routine and thus a more relaxed pup!

  • Contentment and Peace of Mind– having a Harris Hounds dog walker will give you that added reassurance that your four legged member of the family is being well looked after.  No longer will you have to rush home to let the dog out, or feel guilty for going out for lunch with that friend you haven’t seen for months.  Let us help you relax and know that your pup is being well looked after….because all pets deserve the best!

So why not give us a call and see for yourself the benefits there are for both you and your doggie, from having Harris Hounds come and help you out with some walks.  Go on…. after all; you and Fido are worth it!  Please feel free to contact us on any of the following;

Email –

Telephone – 07800913904

Facebook –

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