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Plymouth Dog Walking Business Launches Eco-Friendly and Vegan Spa and Grooming Experience

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Plymouth based Harris Hounds has been walking dogs for just over three months, and from the first of June will be launching their own grooming salon, based in Hooe, Plymouth.

Husband and wife team Chris and Charlotte Harris have combined their love of dogs and business to create a service that sees Chris walking miles each day to exercise dogs from all around the city and Charlotte adding the finishing touches to the grooming salon that launches in June.

Chris said: “I provide a complete Dog Walking Experience, Day Visits and a Pet Taxi Service. As a former Royal Marine I use my background to ensure the dogs in my carehave the best possible time on their walks, and myfull attention on their home visits. Plus, our purpose designed transport ensures that are as comfortable on their car journeys possible.”

Charlotte was keen to make the salon experience as enjoyable for their four-legged clients as possible: “Our main aim is to provide a spa-like environment for dogs to be pampered and we offer everything from nail trimming to a full groom. Our products are certified vegan, natural and contain organic extracts and oils to give every pet’s coat only the finest ingredients. They are made in the UK and the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. We are all becoming more and more concerned about our impact on the environment and businesses often feel that they need to compromise between quality, product benefits and impact on the environment. But at Harris Hounds people no longer need to make this choice. This rangeof products leaves their coats amazingly clean with a selection of colognes which have gorgeous scents that last.”

Chris added: “We can of course combine our services, giving dogsa spa day to remember! We can pick them up and take them for a lovely walk in the woods or on the beach before bringing them back to the salon for some pampering. They can then be picked up or delivered home to suit people’s busy lives accordingly.”

The couple also update owners on their pet’s day via their Facebook page, where Chris will often do a live broadcast from some of Plymouth’s best dog walking locations.

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