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Five Summer Dog Grooming tips from Harris Hounds

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

There’s nothing like slipping on some swimwear in the summer months, whether it’s on the beach,

in the garden or by a pool somewhere. But what of our canine companions? It must be tough to

see the sun shining and not shake off that fur coat!

But there are some ways you - and we - an help your pet to feel a little less constricted. Here are a

few ideas.

Brush up

Most dogs naturally thin out a little as the weather gets warmer. This means that they tend to malt

and the fur becomes loose. In order to stop them from covering your house and your furniture give

them a regular brush. Or you can choose to bring them to us where they can have a session that

will strip their loose hair from them, give them a wash and ensure that they return to you happy and


After a good brush, you’ll have had a chance to check for fleas or ticks. These pesky pests are not

only irritating but can bring about extreme allergic reactions in some. And ticks can carry lyme


Thick Coats

Thick coats are not always a problem for dogs in the summer - as long as you are mindful of how

much exposure they have in extreme heat. In fact, those with long, thick double layered coats such

as the German shepherd and Siberian husky are provide protection from the sun in the summer

and their coat can actually help to keep them cool when it’s really hot.

Keeping double coated dogs well groomed in the summer can make for a happy hound. Here at

Harris Hounds we can bathe them and blow out the undercoat with the high powered dryers. We

also have a tool like a rake that will help remove any loose hair and thin the coat slightly.

Bath Time

Every now and again a dog needs a wash. Particularly if they are prone to rolling around in the

lovely scent of a fox, or a sheep’s corpse up on the moors (I write from experience!)

If you don’t want to always bring them to Harris Hounds for some pampering, then you can do it

outside. Give them a good wash and a serious scrub. You can buy an organic, vegan shampoo

from us - please don’t use anything designed for humans either.

The hose pipe can be too cold for them, causing them a shock, try a mix of the hose and some

warm water from a jacket combined.

Try to avoid plonking your pup in the bath more than every few weeks. Frequent bathing can strip

away essential oils, leading to itchy skin and a brittle coat.

Organic Matter

There are plenty of little tickly things that can irritate dogs in the summer months. Sand from the

beach, sticky balls from the grass, grass seeds etc. These can get into their paws and also their

ears. Keep a look out and remove them when you can.

Humidity and heat can make your dog’s ears breed a delicious mix of yeast and bacteria, and if

your dog loves swimming then they could get ear infections. Try to clean your dog’s ears weekly

with a cotton ball.

Fast Growth

In the summer a little sunshine can really boost hair and nail growth in humans as well as pets. We

are happy to provide a nail trimming service if you would like our assistance. Not all dogs are easy to pin down!

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