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Five Reasons your Dog needs to be Careful in the Summer

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We all love the summer and the freedom of the outdoors that it brings into our lives. But…put

yourself in your dogs paws for a moment. When you’re out and about with them - you need to be

aware of a few dangers lurking. Here’s our guide to a safe summer with your furry friend.


It’s a little known fact that your dog could be as exposed to the affects of the sun as much as you

are. If you plan to spend your day in the outdoors, walking, playing at the beach, camping etc, then

there are ways you should consider protecting them.

Dogs can be known to get skin cancer - and certainly sunburn isn’t something that you want to risk

inflicting on them wither.

Pets who live outdoors for the majority of the time can suffer squamous cell carcinoma that affects

the tips of their ears and noses; ulcerated sores that have to be treated immediately before it

spreads and they lose their lives.

Dark-skinned, densely-coated dogs like many labradors or terriers, are usually alright. But a white,

light-coloured, sparse-coated dogs like a Bichon Frise are especially at risk. That’s why we do not

recommend that you shave their pets down during the height of the summer season unless you are

fully aware of the risks of sunburn.

If you think your dog has been sunburned then the one treatment is the most natural one; aloe

vera. However, if the situation looks more serious then it might entail a trip to the vet.

Prevention is better than cure however, and there are a section of sunscreens for dogs available

on the market. This comprehensive guide from Pet Life Today lists a lot of them and this article