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A walk a day will keep the vet away!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Dog ownership is more popular than ever with a huge surge seen in puppies bought during lockdown back in spring. Many have become dog owners for the first time and are still finding their feet with a demanding schedule and all the attention a dog needs. Sometimes it can feel a bit like having a part time job - one where you don't actually get paid but comes with great benefits if you get the right dog at the right time for the right reasons.

Having a full-time job and owning a dog can be challenging, but with the support of family, friends or a pet care professional it is not impossible to achieve. So many devoted dog owners make it work by using pet care services such as Harris Hounds, and they come with really flexible and affordable options too.

Dog ownership involves more than just cuddles on the sofa and to do it responsibly means time being taken away that perhaps you cannot spend doing other things. In reality you need to be able to find an additional 15-20hrs a week and be happy with the commitment.

New puppy owners should do lots of research into the amount of exercise their puppy will need as it grows into an adult before they make that purchase. Different breeds require different levels of exercise and it is not a one type fits all scenario. If exercise requirements aren't met, you could end up with a miserable, overweight dog and one that is hard to manage.

How much exercise does a dog need?

The amount of exercise a dog needs will depend on a number of factors such as age, breed, general health, temperament and behaviour. The dog also needs to be on the right food and calorie density for its age and exercise levels. Working breeds for example need the most exercise and time off the lead.

An hour a day is the minimum most dogs need to be walked to be happy. but for more than half of breeds, an hour a day is nowhere near enough. Straight away an hour a day is seven hours you need to find and allocate to your dog in the week. Just a half hour when splitting this into a morning and evening walk can take a chunk out of your down time and there are few dogs where half an hour would be long enough anyway. This can sometimes come as a shock for first time dog owners!

If your time keeping and organisation skills are to be desired, you will need to work on this to be a dog owner. A dog needs routine. While help from friends and family is great, they may become tired of continually stepping in, not to mention the burden of responsibility it places on them. What if something happened to your dog while they were in their care? Would they know what to do? If you want to live a full life with lots of comings and goings and be a responsible dog owner, the good news is that you absolutely can with the help of Harris Hounds who will help your dog have stability and routine.