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Ask Us Anything About Boarding

What Do You Want to Know?

How many dogs are boarded at any one time?

Our licence allows us to board up to 3 dogs plus our own 2.

How many dogs are boarded at any one time?

Our licence allows us to board up to 3 dogs plus our own 2.

Can my dog be the only dog boarded?

If you are keen to guarantee that your dog is the only one staying with us then we can certainly accommodate this, but there will be an extra charge. Please do bear in mind that we have 2 of our own dogs, and 3 children and for this reason we can only accommodate dogs that will be comfortable in our home environment.

Can I cancel?

At the time of making your booking we ask for a non-refundable 30% deposit to secure your dates. If you decide to cancel your dogs stay then the deposit will not be refunded.

Are you licensed and Insured?

Yes and Yes! We have a 4* licence from Plymouth City Council, which allows us to board dogs overnight and look after them during the day. We are also fully insured. You can see a copy of our licence at the top of this page, and on display in our Grooming Salon.

How long can I board my dog for?

Dogs are usually boarded for 1 - 20 nights. We can accept dogs for longer than this, just get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Where do you look after my dog?

We look after your dog in our 4 bed semi-detached home in Hooe, Plymstock, Plymouth

What time can I drop my dog off or pick them up? 

You can drop your dog off or collect them anytime between 0800 and 1900. Once we have agreed timings then these will need to be stuck to or additional costs may be incurred. If you need a drop off or collection outside of these hours then just get in touch and we will see what we can do.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your dogs own food, ensuring there is enough for their whole stay. And any treats they have regularly e.g dental sticks.

We do have beds available for your dog to use, but we recommend bringing their own bed with you as it can help your dog settle in.

We have leads and bowls here, but you are welcome to send your own.

Please don't send toys unless there is a specific need.  

How much will it cost?

These prices are for the average adult dog, dogs with special needs or those under 12 months may be charged at a higher rate. We also charge a higher rate for Bank Holidays.

  • £25 per dog for up to a 24 hour period.

For example - If you drop your dog off at 0900 you would need to pick up your dog by 0900 on collection day.

  • £20 per dog for additional daycare.

For example - If you should be collecting your dog at 0900 but you need them cared for until 1800 then we would charge the additional daycare rate.

How do I book my dog in to stay with you?

Just get in touch via email, telephone or social media and we will arrange a Meet & Greet. This is when you and your dog visit us at our home. You can see the house and garden, and you and your dog will meet us and our dogs.

The next step is to confirm your dates, drop off and collection times and price. You pay a 30% deposit to secure your dates. The rest of the fee is due before your dog is collected at the end of their stay.
We ask you to complete some paperwork that gives us all of the information we need to properly care for your dog, you just return it on or before the day of drop off.

What can my dog expect from their stay?

Your dog will get 2 walks a day, one with Chris out and about in Plymouth. And one in the evening to the beach, lake or woods with our own dogs. We will stick to their usual feeding routine, and to any specific requests you have for their care, all of which you can write down on the form we ask you to complete.
Your dogs stay will be tailored to their age and needs. So if you have a lively 2 year old they will have hours of fun playing in the garden with our lively Labrador Freddy! If you have an older dog, they will will enjoy exploring our large garden and find plenty of comfy spots to relax in. If your dog loves cuddles then there are 5 of us in the house who are happy to accommodate! If they prefer to keep themselves to themselves then we have plenty of rooms, beds and sofas to allow this too! 
In a nutshell we are your dogs home from home and surrogate family, so your dog can expect to enjoy a wonderful holiday!

What can I expect from my dogs stay?

We will keep in touch with you via Messenger or WhatsApp. We will send videos and pictures of your dog to reassure you they have settled in and show you what they are up to.

What happens in an emergency?

We have a 4 Star licence from Plymouth City Council. In order to obtain this we have put lots of important procedures in place including Emergency plans, what to do in the case of illness or infection and how to ensure your dogs welfare. This means that we are well placed to deal with any situation that may arise. You will provide us with all of your emergency contact details on your form, and we will use these to get in touch if we need to.

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